Executive Board 2014-2015


Shixin Lan

Favorite Things To Do: Travel around the world!

Major: Sociology, Anthropology

Year in School: Senior

Why Delta Xi Phi?: To interact with and get close to people of  different cultural backgrounds and learn from one another.

Member Since: Spring 2012                 


Vice President & Associate Member Educator (AME)

Justine Adeboyejo

Favorite Thing To Do: Writing, reading, listening to music, and bike riding

Major: News Editorial Journalism

Year in School: Senior

Why Delta Xi Phi?: I chose Delta Xi Phi because right away I felt I belonged.

Member Since: Spring 2013


Jasmine Baines

Favorite Things To Do I love to read and knit!! I also love goofing off with friends and family. 

Major:  Linguistics/ Pre-Med

Year in School: Senior

Why Delta Xi Phi?: I chose Delta Xi Phi because it wasn't a typical sorority. Delta Xi Phi to me is a home away from home! I gain new sisters to share my college experience with. 

Member Since: Fall 2013


Rachel Mei

Favorite Things To Do: 

Major: Accounting

Year: Junior

Why Delta Xi Phi?: I chose Delta Xi Phi because I loved the idea of a sorority in which difference was celebrated. We have such a strong sisterhood bond and love all of our sisters nationwide, but we do not all fall under one stereotype and we aren't all copies of each other. We all are unique and different people.

Member Since: Fall 2013

Co-Associate Member Educator (AME)

Monika Dlugopolski

Favorite Things To Do: Some of my favorite things to do are traveling, hanging out with some of my closest friends, taking random road trips, and enjoying life, with a side of scrapbooking.

Major:  Psychology

Year: Senior

Why Delta Xi Phi?:  I joined Delta Xi Phi because it defied all my stereotypes of a sorority at the University. Delta Xi Phi to me is sisterhood, friendship, and loyalty, it also showed me that what I value in life is what they value in life.

Member Since: Fall 2013

                                           Active Sisters 2014-2015

 Jeniece Baines

Favorite Things To Do: My favorite things to do is read, watch tv, hang out with friends and family, sing and dance. I also like to explore and trying new things.

Major: Elementary Education

Year: Senior

Why Delta Xi Phi?:  I chose Delta Xi Phi because it stuck out to me as not just a sorority but a group of women who joined for a similar cause. Also they were true to themselves and were true to each other and their pillars.  I never thought I would join a sorority  but this is true definition of sisterhood.

 Member Since: Fall 2013

Amanda Mei

Favorite Things To Do: Draw, listen to music (occasionally singing along), read speculative fiction, and learn more baking and cooking

Major: Graphic Design

Year: Junior

Why Delta Xi Phi?:  At first, I had all these preconceptions of what I thought a sorority was but Delta Xi Phi toppled them all. With more time spent together with members, I built a new and better understanding. The warmth of sisterhood and friendship has gotten me to participate more and grow as a person and sister.

Member Since: Fall 2013

Shyann Latimore

Favorite Things To Do: Reading, watching movies, and long walks

Major: Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Year: Junior

Why Delta Xi Phi?: I chose Delta Xi Phi because it was an organization that demonstrated my beliefs and I could be myself.

Member Since: Spring 2014

Valerie Medrano

Favorite Things To Do: I enjoy doing my own nails, reading, writing, sometimes video gaming and learning about history.

Major: Communication

Minor: German, History

Year: Sophomore

Why Delta Xi Phi?: I wanted the sorority experience without having to become someone I'm not. Delta Xi Phi lets me be exactly who I am and still get all the wonderful sisters that come with it.

Member Since: Spring 2014

Taylor Person

Favorite Things To Do: Drawing, All things nerdy: comic books, video games, learning about science, lying awake at night contemplating the universe with a bowl of fruit loops, studying things that can kill us (viruses, bacteria, etc), and being stupid with the people I love.

Major: Animal Science, Pre-Med

Year: Senior

Why Delta Xi Phi?The ladies of Delta Xi Phi embody what it means to be a successful, sophisticated, well-rounded woman in today's world, all while encouraging to be yourself too!  I was attracted to their accepting, friendly nature, their fun and amazing atmosphere, and their ardent desire to make positive changes in the world around them.

Member Since: Spring 2014